Jmax Home Automation.  -  Low Cost, simple to install, setup and use.
Jmax 8 Zone LVDC Controller- Eight Zone Low Voltage LED Light Controller
Jmax Single Ch Triac Rx – Single Zone 240VAC Light Controller
Jmax_1_Zone_Switch – Single Gang Wall Switch
Jmax_2_Zone_Switch - Two Gang Wall Switch
Jmax_3_Zone_Switch – Three Gang Wall Switch
Jmax_4_Zone_Switch – Four Gang Wall Switch
Jmax_5Relay_Rx – Five Zone On/Off Relay Controller
Jmax_5Triac_Rx – Five  Zone 240VAC Light Controller
Jmax_Master_Switch – Master Control for All Lights
Jmax Network Controller – Network Controller; Provides Communication Controls.

Here is some technical documentation for each products:


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