Q: How long has Jasdip been trading as an electronic design, development and manufacture company?

A: Jasdip has been trading as an electronic design, development and manufacture company since 1996.

Q: What are Jasdip's main services?

A: Jasdip offers Electronic Service, Electronic Design Services & Electronic Contract Manufacturing including small to medium runs. Jasdip specialises in control system hardware and low level software development. Typically this encompasses embedded microprocessor controllers written in assembly language for real time applications. Jasdip also offers a Max Home Automation as complete system or as individual components.  

Q: What is "Max Home Automation" about?

A: "Max" is the name we have given our smart low cost Home Automation. "Max" is a product that Jasdip has taken from concept through the design, prototype and production stages. In essence, our home automation electronic product has been nurtured from conception and supported through to commercialisation. (read More)link to extra text

Q: What additional electronic services do Jasdip offer?

A: Jasdip offers a diverse range of electronic design and manufacture services including: Prototyping, Schematics Design, PCB Layout Design, Contract Manufacturing, Surface Mount Boards Manufacture, Through Hole Board Manufacture, Lead Free Boards, PCB Assembly, Small to Large Production Runs, High Volume Off Shore Manufacturing, Quality Assurance including CE/C Tick, ISO9001:2000, IPC Standards, UL Boards, Testing, Repairs, Redesigns, Stencils, Cable Looms, Encapsulation and Component Sourcing, Cost Assessment and Marketing.

Q: How much time does Jasdip allocate to project documentation?

A: Depending on the complexity of the design, Jasdip spends 10% to 25% of the total project time developing definitive documentation that includes details of your project from concepts and specs to components and schematics.

Q: Does Jasdip sign non-disclosure agreements with customers?

A: Yes. Please contact Jasdip to make a non-disclosure agreement Click here to contant Jasdip

Q: Does Jasdip have BGA or µBGA services?

A: Yes, as microprocessors and other components have become more common, we offer BGA or µBGA services.

Q: What is Jasdip payment policy?

A: Jasdip has a terms & conditions of sale policy. Click here to contact Jasdip

Q: What constitutes a change/revision as opposed to a repair?

A: A change is defined as anything not completely specified in the requirements specification and proposal.

Q: What electronic QA procedures do Jasdip have?

A: In order to ensure electronic products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, Jasdip QA procedures include: CE/C Tick, ISO9001/2008 approval, IPC Electronic Manufacturing Standards, UL approved Boards.? (read more link to more info

Q: Typically, how many prototypes will there be?

A: The average prototypes are between 2 and 5. We may also keep a spare blank FCB for observation and trace measurements and/or maintain one working unit for display.

Q: Who owns the IP (Intellectual Property) from the electronic design?

A: The customer owns all IP rights for their individual products. We also offer step-by-step documentation so the IP never gets lost, even if project leaders or team members change. Client-owned IP is a fundamental requirement at Jasdip.
The IP rights of any other products designed for and owned by Jasdip Pty Ltd itself remain the property of Jasdip Company.

Q: Does Jasdip design and develop software only projects?

A: Jasdip regularly designs and implements software on a customer's hardware. Our hardware abstraction layer software and documentation is well thought of by customers. It clearly defines the line between hardware functionality and application layer software.

Q: What main manufacturing services does Jasdip provide?

A: Jasdip works with the customer to ensure the appropriate manufacturing services to suit the project. Jasdip services include contract manufacturing, conception, development to design electronic manufacturing, small to medium production runs

Q: What other manufacturing services does Jasdip offer?

A: See our products and custom products click here.

Q: Does Jasdip use software specified by its customers?

A: Yes, Jasdip will use customer specified software.

Q; And finally, what are Jasdip 's key strengths?

Jasdip has been trading for almost 20 years as an electronics design and manufacture company.

We believe in flexibility and can provide any or all of our services from conception, development to design manufacturing.

Our team includes experienced electronics design and skilled production, using the latest contemporary machinery and QA procedures.
We produce high quality products with efficient turn around rates: on time and to agreed budget.
Jasdip differentiates itself from other design and manufacturing companies with excellent communications on all.



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