Jasdip Pty Ltd

Mission Statement:

Our mission is your success! Jasdip is proudly Australian owned and operated. We believe the future of Australia is in manufacturing and keeping the money within Australia. We look to support other Australian companies. We are also committed to looking for ways to lesson our carbon footprint and look after our wonderful global village.


To always be able to provide the expertise, service and facilities to meet the electronic requirements of any client in any field.

Our Intent:

To meet the electronic requirements of our clients through expertise: continually invest in staff training to ensure that we stay on top of the changes that occur in the electronics field. Service: make sure that we adhere to our core values so that the service we offer will always be the best available facility: maintain and upgrade equipment so we may always be able to manufacture any electronic product

Our core values:

Our word at Jasdip, our word is our bond. This core value reflects our commitment, dedication and pride in our work, our team and our final product. Professionalism Jasdip prides itself on the professional manner and support we give to our clients during the development and design process. Service: we strive for excellence by maintaining and enhancing our skills and abilities so we are able to provide the highest level of service. Confidentiality protecting our client's privacy is a fundamental part of our work

Departmental values:

Always respect and value people, recognise and reward each other for quality work. Face and solve problems respectfully and in a way that imparts new understanding and knowledge to others. Always assume individual ownership and accountability for all we do.  Encourage innovation while retaining value and maintain diversity, but most importantly build trust and respect.

Best practices:

All company services are based on thorough research for the best products available to enable us to assemble each product specific to the individual requirements of the client. We use best practice guidelines that are incorporated into the overall operations with continual product and system checks and testing, adherence to these guidelines is measured as part of the accountability process.


Our product goes through various levels of quality control inspection and testing. All products are manufactured to and comply with the international manufacturing standard IPC-A-610 Rev Class 3 and to individual customer specifications as outlined by the customer. Jasdip follows a strict quality program and all in-house processes are documented, reviewed and improved on a regular basis. Jasdip Quality Control Technician display personal pride in the standard of work produced.

Customer opinions:

At Jasdip we value our customers and their opinions, thank you for your ongoing support and business.


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