Edward De Bono

Writes extensively on how to open and improve your thinking processes.

"Simplicity"; "How to have a Beautiful Mind"; I am Right You are Wrong"; "Six Thinking Hats".


Bill Bryson

A plain English expose on how humans have developed their knowledge base.

"A Short History of Nearly Everything"


Shoshana Zuboff

A book written many years ago, but the points she raises on how to integrate people and technology together to improve

productivity are still valid. An important read for control system designers.

"In the Age of the Smart Machine"


Don Beck & Christopher Cowan

Base on original work by Clare Graves, this book helps to relieve the frustration you sometimes feel when people’s behaviour defies all logic.

It puts a wide range of thinking structures into prospective.

"Spiral Dynamics"


Ken Wilbur

If you find Beck & Cowan's work interesting, then Ken Wilbur takes the same processes a step further.

A more generic approach to human philosophy.

"A Theory of Everything"


Nassim Taleb

A book which questions the nature of human information and knowledge.

How much do we really understand? Coins the phrase "Epistemic Arrogance". Those, that are unquestionably

correct because of position or background.

Comments on the nature of fractural geometry and chaos theory.

"The Black Swan"

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